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One of the most sinister things about normalized racism is you don’t have to have bad intentions to be racist, you just have to remain ignorant.
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this is just great

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I’m a big fan of kick shift (at

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Tom Fugle’s Bike at Born Free 6 in Silverado, California.  June 29, 2014

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Here’s a ‘74 Camaro customized right out of the late ’70s. It’s been all original since!

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All I wanna Do Is Go Camping With You!

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@alex_brown_hh ‘s 93 Lowrider with a few new modifications. @schultzdesignz nailed the color match candy paint #Fxr #fxlr #bigalscycles #schultzdesignz #unknownindustries (at Big Als Cycles)

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Nikola’s frame and pipe treatment. Nice. Coming soon @nikolaadamovic #dicemagazine (at Sunset Blvd., Silverlake)

So cool

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Dirt Quake USA!!! from See See Motor Coffee Co. on Vimeo.

This Is Dirt Quake, A go fast, turn left celebration made for anyone and everyone with motorcycle unfit for the half-mile Castle Rock Dirt Circle. A spectacle that cannot be unseen, an event that will leave you trembling in anticipation as world class racers compete in four uncommon categories:
Inappropriate Road Bike; Street Tracker; Kitchen Sink and, everyone’s favourite, Chopper Flat Track.
put on by and
thanks to our sponsors that made it possible. Harley Davidson, Icon Motorsports, Biltwell, Moto attic, Rainier, Stumptown coffee, Sizzle Pie Pizza, Motofactory pdx, Polor, Iron and Resin, Zieta, Roland sands design, Lowbrow Customs, Mt. St. Helens Motorcycle Club. See See motorcycles, And…lets not forget Sideburn Magazine.

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From Pomona Ca-Silverthorne Colorado, we rode 1000 miles in 24 hours only resting for a 2 hour period..Shit was nuts,  i love my friends. Film photos by Jerimiah Smith

These are some seriously amazing photos

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Emily I went to reblog this for you and then I saw that you posted it and now here we are

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